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About Us

About Us

Hi, I'm Judy! I created StarMuse Entertainment because I really enjoy the creative process of putting looks together, working with a theme and most importantly, I truly love dancing - it has always been my creative outlet! Throughout my life, I've made a habit of mentally envisioning myself dancing as my way of practice right before I went to sleep.

I actually don't have a dance background, although I did dance for clubs and events in my 20s, so the "Imposter Syndrome" would creep up from time to time when I started this company.  I was afraid people would think "What does she know about dancing if she's never been trained?".  I just think that everyone needs to have an opportunity to live out their passions whether it's for fun, work or just an escape of your everyday life. I turned my hobby into a business and I truly love everything about what I do and what my company can offer you!

What We do

I know this may sound cliche but doing something you truly love always comes out positive in the world and for everyone in it! I am grateful that I've been able to do what I do! I am blessed I have the privilege to work with extremely talented professionals who continually inspire me!

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