8 Reasons Why We Love Halloween

My years of being in the entertainment industry has given me the privilege of witnessing the most epic parties. I believe Halloween is one of the most busiest times of the year. Fortunately, it occurs every weekend for my dancers, because they have the opportunity to dress up in a different costume with theatrical makeup, and flamboyant hair-dos every time they perform. The same holds true for the rest of us on Halloween, because we all get into it every year! According to Financial Post, Canadians spend more money on Halloween than Americans, and spend almost as much on Christmas! It is apparent that we love Halloween and I have listed 8 reasons why we love this fun Holiday so much, with 2 added bonus reasons!

Here is my list:

1) Costumes

I think it is fair to assume that most people like to dress up in costumes. Every year – we get excited about dressing up in a costume that allows us to create a new “identity”, that we normally would not do at any other time of the year. We get excited on the planning, that allows us to tap into our creativity; researching costume and makeup ideas on the web or on Instagram. People may end up splurging on their costumes and can spend hundreds of dollars. Sometimes, people buy more than 1 costume and sometimes, we may go out of our way to get it specially made.

2) Make-Up

Halloween costumes usually come with crazy make-up and hair dos. This is a good excuse to paint your face into a scary mask or overload yourself with make-up that you would normally never wear on any given day. The options are endless in terms of how to spruce up your look with fake eyelashes, wigs, special effects make-up, and even contact lenses. Your options are endless!!! I know I used body paint as my costume for one Halloween event, and I spent more money on it than what an actual costume would cost. In addition, I could only keep the body paint for 1 night, whereas a costume would have had several uses after. This goes to show that some people like me, will splurge a little when it comes to Halloween.

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3) Free Candy

Who doesn’t like love free candy, chocolate and chips? Halloween permits kids to go door to door to get free candy, in which every house obliges to this wonderful tradition. My favourite was always the big bag of chips and of course the large chocolate bars; anything that was big, was always better in my opinion. Today, there seems to be a better selection of confectionery goods.  Even if you’re not a “Trick or Treater” – you can always go to the store and have the option of choosing whatever your “inner child” craves. The bulk candy selection gives you more than 1 type of candy, chocolate and chips to choose from in one package, which makes it convenient for households to give out candy.


4) Parties

If you are too old for Trick or Treating, then you can always throw a party or go to one. This is a good time to celebrate Halloween, since you can dress up and socialize with your friends. Most people love to dress up for parties and Halloween is the best opportunity to do so.  Also, you will find that there are so many Halloween events, that give you the luxury of choosing more than one to go to.  Halloween is a holiday where a lot of people tend to go out, it’s almost as busy as New Year’s Eve parties; perhaps busier in some places. Oftentimes, some of these Halloween parties will have cash prizes for best costumes. Many people are extremely creative and have the most spectacular costumes. These added bonuses always puts the fun to these events.

5) Pumpkin Carving

One of the main traditions of Halloween is the Jack O’ Lantern, where you can carve a face into the pumpkin. The process of carving a pumpkin into whatever creative outcome you desire can be a very fun activity. People even hold pumpkin carving contests among their friends, work, school or even have one open to the public. The best part of the whole process are the pumpkin seeds. You can save the seeds and roast them in the oven to make for a healthy Halloween snack. The seeds are nutrient-rich, which contain dietary fiber and have a good source of protein.

6) Scary Movies

The adrenaline rush you get from scary movies can be such a thrill, and more fun during Halloween season. There seems to be a craze with the popular AMC TV series, Walking Dead. This popular show has given this world a trend on Zombies – I know I have a somewhat minor obsession with Zombies ever since the show first came out. In my case, I require someone to be present when I’m watching a horror film, and I prefer to have the lights on. I tend to cover my eyes or go to another room when a scary scene comes on – Yes, I am a wuss! But it’s the adrenaline rush of being scared that drives me back for more!

7) Haunted Houses

Speaking of being scared, haunted houses are also amusing forms of entertainment. Screamers, Toronto’s most popular Haunted House Park is held every year in October. Tickets are reasonably priced at approximately $30 per person, and it is a great way to have fun with your friends and family. Being scared is one thing, but scaring people is also just as fun. I was The Grudge Girl from the 2004 Horror film, The Grudge, for Halloween last year, and I had more fun scaring people than being scared.

The Grudge

8) Decorating

One of the best things about Halloween are the house decorations you see in some neighborhoods. Some households are so creative and go all out when it comes to their decor. It makes it entertaining for adults who take their little ones out for Trick or Treating. The Halloween spirit that people share on this fun holiday can almost be comparable to Christmas. What other time of the year do people decorate their homes besides Christmas and Halloween?


9) Saturday

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, which is great for anyone who is Trick or Treating, going to a party or giving away candy. You can stay up as late as you want and it does not disrupt your routine, since it falls on a weekend, where you will likely have more free time. Kids don’t have school the next day and most importantly, you don’t have to go to work the following day either. This allows you to have more hours of fun!!! The best part is being able to sleep in the next day too!

10) Day Light Savings Time

You also get 1 extra hour on November 1st. Day Light Savings time, where you “Fall Back” an hour. This means you turn your clocks 1 hour back so you get more light during the day. This also means you get an extra hour of sleep, and we all need that after your late night Halloween festivities.

So there you have it, these are my 8 reasons why we love Halloween with 2 added bonuses of  having Halloween fall on a Saturday with Day Light savings time the day after. So with that, I wish everyone a safe Halloween with plenty of parties, scary costumes and a tummy full of candy. Happy Halloween!

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