10 Qualities of an Event Planner

To be successful in a role, there are certain characteristics a person must possess. The role of an Event Planner, Coordinator,  Wedding Planner or any form of Party Planner requires a certain type of person in order to be successful. I have compiled a list of these qualities and why they are important. I only speak based on my experience as an Event Coordinator and based on what I see with others I have worked with. Here is my list.

She or he should:

  1. Colours Outside The Lines

    What does this really mean? It’s my innovative way of saying, “being creative”. Every client you meet will have different needs and a different vision, and being able to develop and design ideas that are unique to each client is important. One must tap into their creative juices to come up with innovative ideas, so each event is a unique experience.

  2. Can Read Between the Lines

    Excellent communication is key. Planners must be able to understand their clients’ vision, even if the client is  not able to articulate clearly on what he/she wants.  I believe this is one of the most crucial skills to possess in any type of career, but when it comes to the event industry – this a key success factor. Planners must be able to communicate with so many different parties at once, going back and forth on emails, phone calls, meetings or whatever form of communication is available to us. Understanding everyone is key to making sure that things run smoothly. The challenge is communicating effectively to every individual involved, because some events can have over 100 members involved, which makes it easy for miscommunication article source. You have to ensure the lines of communication are always open and that you can “read between the lines”.

  3. Can almost be described as having OCD

    OCD is an an acronym for “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”, defined as a mental disorder to check things repeatedly.  In this particular circumstance, I would consider this a strength rather than a “disorder”. This means that the person is extremely detailed oriented and thorough with everything that they do. There is a need to do things perfectly and triple check their work. They can be “nit picky” and notice the tiniest details that no one else would notice. For example, a tiny thread hanging from a napkin or a fork that is 1/4 of an inch off from its placement will never go unnoticed with an Event Planner . There is a lot of planning that takes place that must be structured on a schedule with no details left out.  You need to outline every single thing and look at it again and again and again, to ensure that all components fit, in order to make the event a success!

  4. Knows how to take the lead

    Event Planners/Coordinators can lead and motivate a team of people to get the job done right. They know how to take direction from the client, but also know how to take charge in making sure all event components are done right. You must deal with the venue, audio & visual technicians, entertainers, caterers, decorators, and anyone else that is involved with creating the event. They must be able to take accountability for things to be done right!

  5. Knows how to keep it cool

    Event Planners should have a strong ability to resolve issues at first point of contact. As the popular saying goes; “The show must go on”. We would all love to have events run smoothly without any problems, but in reality, there are always things that pop up unexpectedly. An Event Planner should be able to resolve these issues whenever they do arise. It is crucial that Event Planners are able to maintain their composure, since they deal with many different.  It is pretty much guaranteed something unexpected likely comes up and keeping your cool is a must.

  6. Early Bird & Night Owl

    Planning events require one to work on the weekends, holidays, late nights and the typical work week hours. This is not a typical 9-5 office job, where you sit in your cubicle performing the sames tasks every single day. Although, one could be in the office, they are also required to be at the event. This means your work schedule can be unpredictable and is always different at every given year. One needs to be flexible with your work hours; be both an early bird and a night owl. There may be weekends where one will have limited hours of sleep, but that doesn’t stop the person from getting the job done.

  7. Where there is a will, there is a way!

    Event Planners have good key contacts and are extremely resourceful. They will search the end of the earth until what they are looking for is found! Event Planners have a supply of key contacts that involve vendors and suppliers. They know a lot of people and they are extremely resourceful individuals. When something is required, they can find a way to make it happen!

  8. Social Butterfly

    An Event Planner works with so many different types of individuals on a consistent basis, and deals with them through emails, phone calls and face to face meetings. It’s important that they work well with others. Event Planners have to work with the client, vendors and suppliers as well as employees and colleagues. They need to work well with everyone involved, in order to ensure the event runs smoothly and is successful.

  9. Great Juggler

    What do I mean by, “great juggler”? This means that Event Planners are great at multi-tasking. They can accomplish multiple things at once and with great ease. They can achieve any task required and get it done seamlessly and almost effortlessly. Since they have to coordinate the components together, and work with many different people; it is therefore important that they are great at multi-tasking.

  10. Passionately in Love

    Event Planners love what they do. They get a lot of fulfillment with their careers, because it challenges their mind and allows them to be creative. They are required to be diverse in their skill sets as well as work with many different individuals.  Everyday can be a different day. They get a lot of fulfillment with their careers, but most importantly, they have the privilege of attending to fabulous events!

So here are my 10 qualities of an Event Planner. This is not the typical 9-5 job and not for the average person. The job can be very demanding, tiring and stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun. I believe being able to utilize various skill sets and being able to tap into your creativity is what makes Event Planning/Coordinating a fun and fulfilling career.

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