Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, with couples planning something romantic for their lovers. This is also a great time for engaged couples to plan their entertainment for their wedding this summer making it an unforgettable event. You can make the special day even more memorable with some entertainment that you and your guests will never forget. From an acrobatic performer in a life-size champagne glass to roller skaters, here are five unique entertainment ideas that will make your summer wedding stand out in 2023.

1. An acrobatic performer in a life-size champagne glass.

Give your guests a show that is as beautiful and elegant as it is fun – an acrobat in a life-size champagne glass. The performer climbs into the glass, and does an acrobatic act that involves impressive movements.

2. An aerialist using different types of apparatus

You normally see a silks aerialists but you probably haven’t seen an aerialist using an umbrella apparatus or even straps. These unique props allow the aerialists do high-flying tricks and moves that your guests won’t forget any time soon!

3. Dancers

Dancers have been a popular entertainment choice for a lot of weddings and continue to be popular for many weddings as each performance can be unique and customized. Dancers wearing amazing costumes doing a customized performance that can get your guests excited—and maybe even inspired!

4. Roller skaters

You can always hire professional roller skaters who can perform and get your crowd pumped up with some sweet skating moves that will make everyone want to join in on the fun! Roller skaters are starting to get very popular and it’s definitely no expensive!

5. Champagne Skirt

Find unique ways to interact with your guests by serving them champagne using a model wearing a champagne skirt! It’s definitely a show-stopper and will keep your guests talking about it months after your wedding!

We hope that with these entertaining tips and recommendations, you will be able to build your own picture perfect wedding. A Wedding is a once in a life time event and the only thing better than having your ceremony with family and friends is to have it with your family and friends doing something unique, fun and interactive! Your guests should have an experience they will never forget.

We would love to be involved with your wedding entertainment so go ahead an book a call with us today to discuss how we can make your event extra special!